Hexham Abbey

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Hexham Abbey


Alternate Wednesday’s 12pm-2pm Thursday’s 10am-11am Thursday’s 12pm-1pm 2 Thursdays on, 2 Thursdays off 1pm-2pm Thursdays 2pm-4pm 2 Fridays on, 2 Fridays off 10am-12pm







Role description

To welcome all visitors to Hexham Abbey, representing the Abbey and acting as first point of contact.


·        Welcoming all visitors to the Abbey and/or exhibition

·        Being sensitive to visitor needs, including those with additional needs

·        Working with fellow volunteers and staff to promote the Abbey's visitor facilities

·        Providing orientation to all the Abbey’s facilities

·        Understanding and supporting the Abbey’s reasons for and the importance of income generation to ensure the future of the Abbey for future generations

·        Be familiar with Hexham Abbey’s ‘Safeguarding’ and ‘Health & Safety’ policies

·        Be familiar with the Stewards Information Guide

Desired Qualities

. Be an effective communicator, able to relate to different groups. • Be able to act with discretion reacting to quiet and busy periods. • Be willing to learn new skills and undertake training.

How your time will help our organisation

To help to make the overall visitor experience as positive as possible

Practical Considerations