Company Secretary

Company Secretary

Hexham Community-Led Housing

Key information

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The working hours will be those which the individual will require to complete their tasks


Communication skills

IT literate



Board membership, administration & governance, minute taking



Affordable housing

Role description

HCLH is a not for profit company, limited by guarantee. There is a small board of local people and our aim is to provide properly affordable housing in Hexham through land acquisition and new build or repurposing or refurbishing existing property.

Desired Qualities

As a company secretary, you'll need to: - guide the chair and the board to ensure they are operating in accordance with rules and regulations - support the chair in ensuring the board functions efficiently and effectively - facilitate good communication between the board, committees, senior management and non-executive directors, and shareholders - take responsibility for the administration of the company, for example: maintaining statutory books, including registers of directors, organising board meetings (monthly) and annual general meetings (AGMs), maintaining a register of board members' interests, preparing agendas and taking minutes - file necessary documents with Companies House, to maintain an up-to-date record of board membership, statement of accounts (as provided by the treasurer) and registered address - monitor changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and take appropriate action - liaise with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers and auditors - develop and oversee the systems that ensure the company complies with all applicable codes, in addition to its legal and statutory requirements

How your time will help our organisation

Practical Considerations